Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baylor Civil Rights Tour Group 2, Day #2

Can anyone say PHENOMENAL? While the early rise from loosing an hour of sleep may have been a minor obstacle, our adrenaline pumped to prolific songs, clapping of hands, and even some fellow students joining in a bit of dance celebration. The morning church service of the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church was none other that, phenomenal! What a way to start your day. After participating in such a communal atmosphere in church where the participants help lead the service, a personal experience with our Creator could parallel no other in this world.

And this was just the beginning; after service it was off to downtown Memphis, where the search for sustenance began. Well what do you know, a Kooky Canuck, in the heart of the South. This was definitely not the highlight of the trip. Check please.

Now for the really interesting stuff. I know ya'll have been waiting for it, so here it goes. The National Civil Right Museum. OK, there I said it. It was extraordinary, amazing, and truly a mind opening experience. While during my childhood I had learned many of the issues and people surrounding the issue of slavery, the Civil War, segregation, and the movement to end these atrocities, this experience could not compare. Our eccentric tour guide Jolynn Palmer, from Memphis, TN gave us quite the experience as we "felt" the tension of restaurant sit-ins during desegregation of the south.

As we moved through the exhibit, seeing the many stories of struggle, we began to realize the depth of the scar this would leave in our great country. Many to this day still believe many of the promises made are still unseen. Standing less than a few feet from where the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr would utter his last words to friends and associates who championed the same enduring beliefs, values, and efforts to make our country Just and equal.

Now, visiting memphis could not be had without just a little bit of fun. Corky's BBQ was really good and I think I can speak for the entire group when I say we would recommend it to anyone who would visit the Memphis area. Next, Beale street... WOW! There is such much talent for such a small area. Luke - I hope you make it big some day, that was an amazing performance, even if it was just Karaoke!

Well everyone, there is so much we could share, but we gotta make our next stop--Oxford, Mississippi, home to Ole Miss (the University of Mississippi). See you there!

--Allen Haas

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  1. Corky's is great! Was there about the same time your Baylor group was there!