Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baylor Civil Rights Tour - Day 2 Trip Leader Posting

Another great day on the Civil Rights Tour! We started off early (especially after the time change!) and headed to Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church in Memphis, Tennessee for worship. The church community made us feel very welcome and provided us with an amazing worship experience!

Following church, we had a quick lunch (very quick, in fact!) in downtown Memphis before going to the National Civil Rights Museum. We spent more than three hours at the museum and learned a tremendous amount about the struggle for civil rights and much of the history that lead up to and made possible the Civil Rights Movement of the 50’s and 60’s. We had an outstanding tour guide through the museum who used her theatre training to help bring the exhibits to life. Our students' small groups then spent some time discussing what they had learned both in church and at the museum.

Then, it was off to dinner at Corky's BBQ, arguably the best barbeque in Memphis. Several folks in our group had the courage to order "slabs" of ribs! A great meal to be sure! Then, we headed to Beale Street in downtown Memphis to experience the music of Memphis in person. What a great night life...especially for a Sunday night!

The theme for our Civil Rights Tour so far seems to be "full days!" Everyone is tired, but learning a lot! We are having profound discussion of civil rights issues, cultural differences and similarities, social justice and much more. We also are laughing a lot! What an amazing group of people we have for our first ever Civil Rights Tour!

-karin klinger

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  1. What are great blog and a great experience. I'm proud of y'all for going on this journey and opening your eyes to this important element in the fabric of our country.

    Sic'em Bears!

    J.Kirksey MSEd. '06